About Us

We at Gold Leaf Retail Trade Partners are dedicated to helping small businesses and individuals bounce back from the impact of COVID-19. The initiative has been implemented to help anyone become a business owner and a Trade Partner to purchase and resell tobacco products at competitive distributor pricing. We are opening our golden doors so that anyone can become a Trade Partner with Gold Leaf Retail Trade Partners and purchase directly from us.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in our community and be part of the effort to rebuild our economy.

Here at Gold Leaf Retail Trade Partners we value the pursuit of positive social and economic change through local production. We are proud to be a South African company that is empowering our fellow citizens by hiring local, sourcing local and producing local. Our company has gone even further for our economy by exporting our 100% legal, high-quality products into international markets. Gold Leaf Retail Trade Partners distributes Gold Leaf brands.

When you become a Gold Leaf Retail Trade Partner you become part of our effort to build up the South African economy and make a positive difference to our country. We care, care with us.

Join now and become a Trade Partner.